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Automobile industrial painting chamber is widely used in automobile, machinery, hardware, furniture, glass steel products, chemical equipment and other industries workpiece surface painting, paint construction.
Product structure:
The whole paint room is assembled structure.The body of the room is equipped with sub-mother type thermal insulation spray wall board with good sealing and thermal insulation performance.Aluminum alloy side door, the door with an observation window in the middle, can observe the room dynamic at any time.Choose the fan with low noise and high air volume to ensure the perfect paint effect;High quality stainless steel heat exchanger, high heat transfer efficiency, long service life.
OEM coating line refers to: through the following series of operations to produce the production line
The specific operation process is as follows
1銆丳ut product: put the coated product on the plug-in and start working
2銆丒lectrostatic dust removal: injection molding to bring the oil, dust away
3銆丳reheat: for better color to be coated a little temperature
4銆丳rimer spraying: cover the color of the plastic itself and spray the base color for the required color of production
5銆丏rying: through the temperature of IR zone in the tunnel, the semi-dry state is carried out to prepare for the next spraying
6銆丼urface spray: spray the required color
7銆丩eveling drying: leveling through the tunnel, drying
Cooperation with clients
Product certification ISO, MSDS BSCI
After-sales service Installation training service
Duster coating organization and production
For small-batch workpiece, manual powder spraying device is generally adopted, while for large-batch workpiece, manual or automatic powder spraying device is generally adopted.Whether manual or automatic powder spraying, quality control is very important.To ensure that the spraying workpiece powder uniform, consistent thickness, to prevent thin spray, leakage spray, rub off and other defects.
Coating line curing process production management
Matters needing attention in this process include: if the workpiece is sprayed well, if it is produced in a small batch, please pay attention to prevent the powder from falling before entering the curing furnace. If there is any phenomenon of powder rubbing, please timely spray the powder.During baking, strictly control the process, temperature and time, and pay attention to prevent color difference, over-baking or too short time to cause insufficient curing.
For a large number of automatic transmission of the workpiece, in the same before entering the drying road should carefully check whether the leakage of spray, spray thin or local powder phenomenon, such as found unqualified parts, should be closed to prevent entering the drying road, take off as far as possible re-spray.If individual workpiece due to thin spray unqualified, inPainting Chamber maker

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